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1:32 am - September 29, 2003
The weekend
OO check it out! It's my birthday! YAY ME! Um, but not really....because if you see how late it is, it's a bad thing. I have to be at work at 7:30AM! But I just had to update!!

I had such a good time this weekend. I was pretty sick Friday night and Saturday morning, though. I had the worst cold ever! I hate being sick! I felt bad because I missed my son's early soccer game Saturday morning because I was so comatose thanks to the drugs. But he wasn't mad at me, so that made me happy. My parents took me to eat at Logan's for lunch and that was good. I was feeling better by that time. Then I went home and my parents took me to the mall to do a little shopping. I didn't really find anything that I wanted, though. I only got a couple of cute necklaces at Claire's and a Dallas Cowboy shirt to wear to the game this coming Sunday. It's not really what I wanted, though, so I might have my mom take it back and exhange it or something. Later that night, Robby and I went to eat at my favorite place in town, Peasant Village. The food is TO DIE FOR, as well as the dessert. YUM! I wish I could go there every weekend, but I can't afford to! Then we went to the movies to see Underworld, which I thought was a very good movie. I got a ton of cards from people and I feel very blessed. My Sunday school class gave me one too, but they made me promise that I wouldn't open it until today. They are such sweet people.

So that was pretty much my weekend. I'm glad I'm feeling better, because it's no fun having to go to work sick. So, I leave you with a picture of Jason's signature cheesecake from Peasant Village. It's total death by chocolate...and a must have if you ever eat there!!

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