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12:46 am - November 07, 2003
bored again
YIKES it's like almost 1am and I'm online. WTF am I thinking? I'm also thirsty as hell..but I have no water. Well I mean, I have water in the house but it's San Angelo water. Dude, you can't drink San Angelo water because you'll die. It tastes like poo!

Well I'm hoping work will be ok tomorrow. I mean, I usually have fun, but only when I'm left alone. I don't like being watched, and that's what that bruja likes to do....peek over my cubicle and watch me. Ten more days and she'll be gone forever.....ten more days....

Today is payday! WOOT WOOT! I make so much money, it's not even funny. There's so much I want to do and buy. I want to buy some new black boots, the kind I can wear with my skirts. I think I would look pretty good in those. I need to get my nails done because they look whack. I hate not having my nails done!! I also need to call my hair lady. I don't want to cut my hair but I want to dye it or something. I'm bored with my hair already!

I gave up on my stupid homework. It sucks ass and I hate journalizing accounting crap. Numbers give me a headache! MEH!

A friend of mine at work invited me to her birtday party Saturday night. The invite said something about "female entertainment until 10" Umm..dude strippers scare me. I've had ONE good experience with a Ten and a Half! He was cool. The second time was bad....bad because I knew the guy from college here and he sucked as a stripper. He had bad teeth and he was shorter than me! The last one was at a friend's bachelorette party. He was black...and was alllll over the place. Like, he pinned my friend on a couch and spread her legs and bit her down THERE! EW! I stayed in the kitchen with the liquor hiding from him after that. He was also flinging his thingey all over the place and that's just too nasty for me! ICK! OMG wait! I forgot that I went one time here at Grahams when the strippers were here! That was a goooooood experience!! HEEH! So...I'm still debating about my friend's party.....

OK well I think I've babbled enough. Before I go, some quick shout outs:

PD: Quit studying for once and leave me a note fool! Miss you TONS!!

Emoboy: I hope you're OK!! Miss you!

Mr Lustylatino! Thanks for leaving me a note! You rule! And can I have your autograph because I know you're gonna be famous someday!!!

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