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11:11 pm - February 05, 2004
Entry 200...and the drama never ends..
OOOO entry #200! I'm impressed that I've kept this blog for this long. But I have come to embrace the entity known as diaryland. MMMM

OK so...what the hell is up with me? Well I think things around the house are getting back to normal a little bit. Robby is doing a little better so that is a good thing.

Work has been drama drama all over again. It was actually going well...until after lunch today. Where do I begin with this tale...

MMkay so a couple of weeks ago the "powers that be" decided that they would accept resumes for an in charge trainer/analyst position. So then I'm thinking WELL FINALLY THESE BASTARDS DECIDE TO NOT HIRE THE KISS ASS BUT A QUALIFIED APPLICANT. Of course, this is not my cup of tea, so I don't apply. So after reviewing the resumes, they narrow the search down to 2 people. One of the ladies they chose is a total bitch and a kiss ass. I worked with her before and she's always had the attitude that she was miss high and mighty and always let it be known that she was better than everyone else. Basically, she's been kissing ass for 2 years wanting to be a trainer. So I ask her SO HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT GETTING A CHANCE TO INTERVIEW?? Her cocky ass response? OH WELL THEY ALREADY TOLD ME THAT I GOT THE JOB SO I KNOW I'M A SHOE IN. I walked away, shocked that she would be bragging about something like that. So, being the bitch that I am, I go and tell the other person that is interviewing for the position. So fast forward to Wednesday, they announce who got the in charge job: THE KISSASS!! I was like WTF. To make a long story short, the person who did the hiring was confronted by people that kiss ass was bragging that the job was hers to begin with. So today, kiss ass goes crying to management saying SHE'S SO HURT THAT PEOPLE WOULD TRY AND JEOPARDIZE HER NEW JOB AND THAT SHE NEVER SAID THOSE THINGS. Then management starts calling people in, because they feel that this is "malicious gossip", which is against company rules. So I'm thinking OK THEY ARE GOING TO TAKE ME IN BECAUSE SHE OPENED HER BIG MOUTH TELLING ME ALL THIS CRAP. She was basically trying to cover her ass. So I wait..and I wait. And yes, I had a game plan and I was waiting so I could fuck her up and take her out. Well all that waiting for nothing because the powers that be decided that they did not need to talk to me because KISSASS would never say anything like that to begin with. So once again, evil has triumphed over good. I love my job, but the company's integrity was questioned when this woman was hired. Management is well aware of what people think about all of this drama. But I do take pride in knowing that even though she has an IN CHARGE management job, I still make more money than she does. So she can go fuck herself! BEEYATCH...

MMMM...I finally hooked up my precious laptop to my DSL (routers are a great thing)and I'm so loving this right now. The Demon known as AOL is actually better when it's connected to a broadband connection. It's free for 6 months so I might as well keep it. Anyways, it's got this AOL radio thing that plays some cool ass songs. You can pretty much listen to anykind of music you want....from 80's to hair metal. I am in broadband!!

Oh and next weekend we're going to San Antonio to party with Vero and Roland. God knows I need a good party after these last few weeks. And we're going to go SUV shopping. PD recommended we get a Navigator. WOOT WOOT! It's gonna be BIG PIMPING!! So if anyone has any suggestions, leave me a note or sign the book.

Anyways, for being entry #200, I think it's long enough. I need to get some rest.

And everyone needs to get over Janet's bare boob. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD PEOPLE THEY SHOW WORSE THINGS THAN A BOOB ON TV. *rolls eyes*

I'm off to bed!!

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