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10:41 pm - May 02, 2004
It just isn't the same...
So I was in Austin this weekend. I got to see Roland and Vero, which is always fun. I love spending time with friends. The reason for us going was to drop off my daughter with my mother in law, because she's staying the week with her in Galveston. Needless to say, I miss my baby terribly. The house is too quiet without her here. We're going to San Antonio next weekend to pick her up so I'll get to see Roland again. Vero will be in Vegas (I'm so jealous) so we'll be taking in the sights with Roland!!

So Austin was cool. We did some shopping and I finally got the Coach wallet I've been wanting. But stepping foot in that store made me want another now I have to work for that!! We went to Trudy's for Robby's bday and I couldn't even finish ONE MexiMart. I was having flashbacks of my incident from last June and I just couldn't drink it. It was leaving a bad taste in my mouth!! I missed seeing Dyan in town. Austin just isn't the same without her.

Well I'm off to finish my homework!!

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