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1:43 a.m. - 2003-07-19
101 Things
I've seen this on a few other diaries, so I thought I would do my own. These are just a few interesting facts about me. I know there are a lot more...but that's all I can think of right now!!

1. I hate my name. I think it goes back to being called SOFA BED when I was in elementary. Damn kids�

2. I don�t have a middle name. I have my mother�s maiden name stuck in there instead. It�s a Mexican thing, what can I say.

3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being married. It�s funny because I always said I would never get married or have kids�and here I am�living the American Dream!

4. I love my husband and my kids more than anything in this world. I would die if anything happened to them.

5. I love being a mom, although my kids really test my patience sometimes!

6. I forget how old I am when people ask me. I seriously have to think about it for a minute. I�m in denial that I am no longer 21. *SOBZ*

7. I�m an only child. And damn proud of it, too!!

8. People tend to think I�m spoiled because I�m an only child. I�m not spoiled, just privileged!

9. My parents still buy me a lot of stuff. They love their babygirl!

10. I�m very close to my mom and dad, even though this wasn�t the case when I was younger.

11. I�m a Daddy�s Girl!! He still pays my car insurance for me. I have offered to pay for it, but he refuses to let me pay. He says I shouldn�t worry about things like that. : )

12. He wants to trade in my car and get me something else.

13. I hate my hometown. If I didn�t have any family I would never go back there.

14. I had fun in high school. It�s true when they say that those are the best times.

15. I had three close friends in high school.

16. That number has dwindled to ONE!

17. Dyan is my bestest friend in the whole, wide world�until she finds someone else.

19. We�ve had our ups and downs, but she�s my one true friend. The one I can count on no matter what!! *LOVEYOULOVEYOULOVEYOU*

20. If I had a sister, I would want Dyan to be my sister.

21. She knows me almost better than my parents, and that scares me sometimes!!

22. We went to some bad ass parties in high school together!!

23. We liked playing jokes on people. One time in 8th grade, we put a piece of pizza in this girl�s purse and she didn�t notice it until the end of the day! All her stuff was full of grease! I don�t remember if she was mad�lol..

24. Another time, we were at Taco Bell with this girl and when she got up to get something, we crushed her tacos!! The girl was pissed because she thought the workers had given her crushed tacos so she went and complained about them and took the taco pieces back!!

25. We quit going to clubs in Austin because we always seemed to get kicked out of them, for one reason or another.

26. I�m going to miss her A LOT when she leaves to Iowa to go to law school. *Sniff*

27. I was in band in high school. �And one time�at band camp��

28. But I wasn�t a NERD, so to speak.

29. I never got into any fights in high school, although this one girl wanted to beat me up because I stole her boyfriend!! He was hot and had a banging body!! He was a football player and I thought I was the shit when I wore his letter jacket!!

30. I had a crush on the same guy from 7th grade until my junior year in high school.

31. I stopped crushing on him when he dropped out of high school.

32. I ended up �dating� him for a while a couple years later and it was like a weird dream come true�we had fun�but he was more into his drugs than he was into me.

33. I once dreamt that I made out with Corey Haim and I actually believed my dream to be real. I even told Dyan that I made out with him!! To this day, we still laugh about it.

34. I was a huge huge New Kids on the Block fan. I wanted to marry Joey!!

35. Dyan actually got to meet Jordan from NKOTB like 2 years ago and I was so jealous of her!!

35. I was a huge metal band fan. My room has been covered in wall to wall posters of Motley Crue and Slaughter.

36. When I had my son, my mom took down all my Slaughter posters from my wall. I cried for days because it took me a week to put up all the posters. She said that since I was a mom, I didn�t need to have the posters up anymore. There is still ONE poster up on the wall in my old room left�

37. I wanted to marry the lead singer of Slaughter.

38. I wanted to go to UNLV in Las Vegas because that�s where Slaughter is from.

39. My parents said NO because out of state tuition was too expensive.

40. I saw them in concert with Poison in 1991.

41. Dyan was supposed to go with me to the concert, but my parents insisted in going with me instead�I was pissed�

42. Needless to say, that was the first and last concert my parents went to. They were freaked out by all the pyro and their ears rang for two weeks after the concert. They said that from then on, they would buy the tickets for me and I could take who I wanted to the concerts I went to.

43. Before the show, I was wandering around outside of the coliseum. I ended up somewhere by the tour buses and the next thing I know, I see Mark, the lead singer of Slaughter and a bunch of us walking around out there ran up to him. I later found out that the experience was captured on tape. Slaughter put out a video the following year and the clip of me and the crowd running up to him is on the tape!!!

44. I saw them in concert again in 2001 here in San Angelo. I swore it was destiny because I was front row!! I cried when they were on stage!! I still love them!!

45. I went to a lot of rock concerts when I was in high school. Pantera, Skid Row, Ozzy, Blind Melon, Alice in Chains, Poison, Slaughter were just some of the bands I saw.

46. When I saw Alice in Chains, I was wandering around again and I ran into the drummer.

47. I followed him into the men�s restroom and just stood there while he took a piss. I couldn�t remember his name so when he saw me, all I could say was UM UM UM. Then the bodyguard kicked me out of the restroom!!

48. I saw Rage Against the Machine with Dyan in 1997(?).

49. We got caught in a mosh pit and it was the most painful thing ever!! I got punched in the stomach a few times.

50. I made the mistake of going all dressed up�full hair and makeup, new Nike shoes. I went all out. That didn�t last long�after being in the mosh pit. I was soaking wet because someone threw a beer and it landed on me. My shoes looked like I had them for years after that night.

51. It was so much fun that night!!

52. Wu Tang Clan was supposed to be headlining that show as well, but they ended up dropping out of the tour before our show.

53. I saw Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock summer of �99.

54. I was pretty buzzed when Kid Rock came on because it was hot as hell outside and I made the mistake of drinking a beer.

55. When Limp Bizkit came on stage, I shoved my way through the crowd to get kinda close.

56. I flashed Fred Durst at that concert.

57. He saw me and said HEY YEAH YOU..DO THAT AGAIN!!

58. They were passing bongs around at the show and I though that was the craziest thing ever!!

59. I refused to take a hit because I wasn�t sure what was in that thing!!

60. I used to smoke weed a on a daily basis.

61. I�ve done a lot of things I�m not too proud of.

62. I wish death upon my son�s sperm donor.

63. He made my life a living hell for 2+ years.

64. He banged my head against my car once so hard; it gave me a mild concussion.

65. I dread the day I have to tell my son about him.

66. I regret not finishing college when my parents paid everything for me.

67. I am still working on getting my bachelors degree after all this time.

68. I was more concerned with partying with my friends instead of going to class.

69. I quit going to college all together when I started working at Verizon.

68. Now I�m doing the online school thing.

69. My job pays my tuition and books 100%. That�s a good thing because one class costs over $1200.00

70. This is only the 2nd real job I�ve had.

71. I wanted to work at Taco Bell when I was in high school.

72. I also wanted to go to Bartending School.

73. I used to drink a LOT!!

74. My mom almost sent me to rehab once.

75. She�s convinced I have a drinking problem.

76. I don�t think I will ever be able to stop drinking�or if I even WANT to stop.

77. I love vodka and rum. I�m also addicted to margaritas.

78. I can�t drink tequila anymore. The smell of it makes me want to puke!!

79. I can only drink tequila if it�s in a mixed drink.

80. One New Years Eve, Dyan, her ex boyfriend and I finished off a huge gallon jug of Jose Cuervo tequila. I lost track after shot #15.

81. I don�t remember the rest of the evening. All I know is that I woke up sick as hell on the couch.

82. I don�t puke when I�m drunk or hung over.

83. I know when I�ve had too much to drink when I start hiccupping.

84. I like being buzzed. Being buzzed gives me a nice, warm feeling inside!!

85. I�ve only been really drunk three times my entire life.

86. The last time I was drunk was almost a month ago. I was so drunk; I ended up getting a tattoo. Here is a picture of it.

87. it�s my Chinese astrological sign�year of the dragon.

88. I love it!

89. My parents would shit twice and die if they knew I had it!

90. I had my tongue pierced for a while. I had to take it out when I had my wisdom teeth removed.

91. When I showed my mom, she said I was a bad mother and that I set a horrible example for my son.

92. The whole time I had it, I never showed my dad. To this day, I don�t know if he ever knew I had it or not.

93. I�m convinced that one day I will win the lottery and move to San Antonio and live in The Dominion.

94. I love San Antonio and Las Vegas.

95. My favorite four letter words are CASH and FREE.

96. I am addicted to the internet. I do everything via the web. So when I don�t have access, I get really upset!

97. I used to chat a lot at The Globe.

98. I met some really nice people there and I miss it. It pissed me off when they got rid of it.

99. I have a really bad temper. I had to go to anger management therapy for it.

100. I love California. I love the weather and the coast is so beautiful. The only thing I don't like are the damn earthquakes!! I have experienced two and they scared the shit out of me.

101. I'm obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. My son and my hubby hate the fact that I have to watch the show every day!

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