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1:45 am - November 15, 2003
Look what I did...
E! Dude, I haven't gone out since AUGUST, and that's when I went out with Ro, Vero and Kitty!! Anddd...the last time I actually drank was June 28 of this year and I was completely wasted. And when I say wasted, I mean WASTED!!

So, tonight JB and another friend, KH decided to go out and eat and have a few drinks. Well, I just got home but I had such a good time. I had a couple of Presidente Margaritas at Chilis and a freakin shot of Goldschlagger. *Gagz* GOD I hate that stuff...but peer pressure is such a beeyatch! I called PD, of course, and Vero and Ro and Kitty. I miss my friends so much...hopefully we will see each other soon.


Um, considering I haven't drank since August, I think I'm doing pretty good. But I need to lie down. And my tummy hurts and I'm hiccupping like crazy right now!! OMG and I'm sitting here in tears watching the Sharon Osbourne show because Ozzy and Kelly are preforming the song Changes. It's so awesome!! Um, yeah I think I did drink a

So take a look at my shot! HAHA!!

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